Docker Jenkins golang tool “Not Found”?

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There I was, setting up a Dockerized Jenkins (well, BlueOcean) to auto populate a golang tool for Jenkins to properly build the converted-to-golang “ouizone” code (more on that later). It was gonna be awesome and unblock remote upgrade of a physical server.

go: No such file or directory

Wait, what? It’s a static-linked binary (which means mostly static: still needs Libc) and it’s not interpreted, so there’s no missing interpreter. Happens regardless the version of go that I tried (notable mention: thanks Google for changing the path: $TOOL/bin/go -> $TOOL/go/bin/go)

Checking, the key part is that it’s mostly static: libc is still needed. The docker container from jenkinsci is a musl -based system, and the go toolchain is a libc. Musl is not multilib, but is indeed small, and in the ldd output of the go binary, go depends on /lib64/ rather than (container) /lib/

So… how to fix this? Following the suggestion in Trion’s jenkins-docker-client:

sudo docker exec -u root -it blueocean bash
bash-4.4# ln -s /lib /lib64 
bash-4.4# ln -s /lib/ /lib64/

Codifying that by burning it into a DockerFile that extends jenkinsci/blueocean should make it permanent. …another day. Today, it works, and I got a bit of work to do.

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