Rsync Over FTP, on a Mac or BSD Client

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Recently I was discussing with someone the need to simplify the sync of a folder into an FTP server. The goal is that at set intervals, any change in a remote server is pulled to q local folder: changes changed, new files created, removed files removed. This is that kind of thing that should be easier, but it’s mixing an old technology (rsync) with a very, very old technology (FTP).

This is how to do it using mount_ftp and rsync.

The general idea is to use the mount_ftp almost like FUSE-mounting a remote resource, then using rsync on that mounted filesystem. If we wrap it around mktemp to work relatively portably in a temp folder, we’d have something like this:

  • local folder: ${HOME}/contrib
  • remote server:
  • remote folder: ./Scott/ABC
  • remote user: scott
  • remote pass: tiger
# create a temporary/random mountpoint
TEMPFILE=$(mktemp -d -t ftprsync)

# mount the remote space; no output, but the return code matches errno.h values
sudo mount_ftp -o rw ${TEMPFILE} ; echo $?

# sadly, despite best efforts (and "-o rw"), this is only a read-only, so only good
# for syncing FTP content out to the local system

# sync
rsync -avr --delete-after ${TEMPFILE}/* ${HOME}/contrib

#shut it down
sudo umount ${TEMPFILE}
rm -fr ${TEMPFILE}

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