Automount on MacOSX

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As a quick reminder, when trying to use automount -hosts on a Mac (ie auto-mounts NFS shares found by name on the local subnet), ensure that you:

  1. edit client:/etc/autofs.conf: ensure “resvport” is in AUTOMOUNTD_MNTOPTS (mine says: AUTOMOUNTD_MNTOPTS=nosuid,nodev,resvport)
  2. defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true to avoid writing .DS_Store in network shares, which MacOSX keeps open (hence “hot”, hence avoiding automount timeout)

Works quite well now with my Synology, for which I have enabled “ root_quash” for the shares in question:

$ showmount -e ds211.local
Exports list on ds211.local:
/volume1/Archive *
/volume1/music *

$ mount
ds211.local:/volume1/Scan on /net/ds211.local/volume1/Scan (nfs, nodev, nosuid, automounted, nobrowse)

.. the next step is to set all Scanned content to write to this new pathname to avoid mount issues down-the-road

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