Airport Utility 5.6.1 on MacOSX 10.8.3

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This is a quick remember on how to upwrap a package and install it manually: Airport Utility-5.6.1 on MacOSX-10.8.3

I never remember the vanity cat-versions of OSX, but my 10.8.3 is not permitted to install AU-5.6.1. There’s something in the AU-5.6.1 package that refuses (or has forgotten to specifically allow) 10.8.3 has a host OS. My needs involved WEP configurability: I had to get an old laptop onto my Wifi to get it online without a Mir-Cable across the floor.

unfortunately, AU-5.6.1 doesn’t allow a guest network, whereas the frailty of WEP causes me to prefer a simple laptopinternet pipe withot access to the other resources on my LAN. I went elsewhere with this task, but I wanted ot keep some notes.

  1. download from
  2. mkdir -p ~/Desktop/apu561
  3. cd ~/Desktop/apu561
  4. xar -x -f /Volumes/AirPortUtility/AirPortUtility.pkg Payload
  5. tar xzf AirPortUtility.pkg/Payload
  6. sudo mv Applications/Utilities/AirPort /Applications/Utilities/AirPort


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