Naming Consistency: Make a Script

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If you want a consistent, easy-to-use repository, use a script to build directories and copy in your content, which gives consistency as a side-effect of making things easier to move around.

Anyone who has tried to download software form a repository can tell when the ownership changes hands: the directory structure changes in subtle ways.  There’s a dot in the path now, there wasn’t before, or capitalization changes.  This isn’t a problem until you try to use the repository in an automated fashion: scripting and tools.  Suddenly, a change from “V” to “v” requires an entirely new case, as if it’s a whole new repository on a different server.

NOTE: if the files are moved around manually, and the owner of those hands doing the moving is a bit flakey or random, then this sort of speed-wobble might as well count as changing the ownership, only more frequently (every release)

People will have a problem with this, but they’ll never tell you just as they’ll never tell you that your shoes don’t match your belt… but unlike fashion faux-pas, inconsistency with directories actually impacts others.

Don’t be a flake.  Be consistent.  A script helps you do that.

Additionally, if the script is the final part of the build process, it reduces the manual steps to a build.  I would recommend either right before or right after running your self-tests.

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