Bundling in Java

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In providing a simple java-stack copy of an internal tool, I found that a few resources helped me define a basic layout, which I’ve hand-generated in the makefile since then.

Bart’s work on bundling an OSX App from a Java Jar helped to get a start, but more helped to find the other bits.

Nakkaya.com helped to remind to use Spotlight to find the tools that move around occasionally; unfortunately, that’s a ANT-focused article, and I’m not really interested in adding build-level dependencies yet. Eventually, I’m probably going to have to look at where a resource is inside the jar, but that’s really unrelated to Apple’s bundler.

In general, I used Bart’s work in Nakaya’s spotlight-found Bundler to make the original Info.Plist, built a diff-target to show that I was generating an exact copy, then expanded the built/generated copy to include more jar files as needed. If it gets more complex, or I need to combine JARs, I’ll probably look at ANT at the time, but for now, just text-printing XML, not a big requirement.

Yeah, this is another not to remid myself later 🙂

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