How to Grab Brocade and Cisco WWN Aliases by CommandLine

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In my work, I find that customers need to continually grab some updated labels and data, and re-import. This is tedious.

Worse, it’s in the Windows world, so by comparison, scripting is in a toddler world (small, doesn’t understand, and has tantrums)

I end up using something like the following, understanding that pre-sharing a public SSH key is safer.

@echo off

plink.exe -l ciscouser1 -pw Secr3tP@ssw0rd "show device-alias database" > cisco1.csv
plink.exe -l ciscouser2 -pw Secr3tP@ssw0rd "show fcalias" > cisco2.csv
plink.exe -l brocadeuser1 -pw Secr3tP@ssw0rd "zonecfg" > brocade1.csv
plink.exe -l brocadeuser2 -pw Secr3tP@ssw0rd "alishow" > brocade2.csv

gawk.exe -f brocade-alishow2wwncsv.awk cisco1.csv cisco2.csv brocade1.csv brocade2.csv > nicknames-by-WWN.csv
gawk.exe -f unique-nicknames.awk nicknames-by-WWN.csv > E:VirtualWisdomDataDeviceNicknamenicknames.csv

We’ve edited “brocade-alishow2wwncsv.awk” to accommodate broader formats, but I haven’t been able to check it on a wide range of platforms.

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