Virtualize Mission Critical Applications?

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If the attendees at this summer’s Burton Group conference are any indication, many enterprises are forging ahead with plans to virtualize more and more tier one applications.  Certainly, virtualization and cloud computing were hot topics for the week, and I was surprised at how far along many people are in both areas.  From Burton and Gartner analysts, as well as many customer case-study speakers, the message was clear … IT is undergoing a transformation.  Virtualization benefits are too compelling to just relegate to tier two applications.

But it was also clear that most IT operations folks I listened to aren’t quite sure how they’ll provide SLAs to the business owners of these applications.  The existing physical-layer tools aren’t quite up to the task, and many I talked to were genuinely apprehensive about their ability to monitor and fix performance-related issues in both private and public clouds.

One of the top industry analysts on the subject, Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice, suggested that we do a webcast on the subject.  Bernd is quite familiar with the range of emerging virtualization management tools, and so we teamed with him and produced a 50 minute webcast entitled“Beyond VMware Resource and Availability Monitoring – Reducing the Impact of SAN Bottlenecks on your vSphere Environment”. Yeah, I know the title is quite a mouthful.

According to VMware performance specialists, “90% of performance problems seen at VMware customers are SAN related”.  And from my reckoning, 90% of the tools out there are blind to the SAN.  They report on I/O at the server and that’s about it.  So check out the new webcast; find out what solutions are available; and let me know if it’s helpful.  You can register for this free, on-demand webcast at:

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