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Previously, I posted that a quick way to throttle back your timemachine is to set your defaults:

I’m currently testing TimeMachineScheduler, which would give more control over the configuration. The magic is how the author has worked around this problem:
1) disable automatic backup
2) enable scheduled backup from launchd:

Literally, he’s created a launchd process that wakes up at the user-specified interval, and (presumably) if the time is within the “Skip backup between” values, his app must short-circuit the timemachine run and shut itself down until the next “wake” interval.

I’m impressed.

The old method was a defaults write 3 (for three-hour throttle) which is a bit difficult for non-geeks to type, and had a different behavior: it would skip the TimeMachine if the previous run was within the given number of hours. The difference is (period 3 hours for both, skip 08:00-18:00) that a change would be backed up on average within (3/2) 1.5 hrs in the defaults method, but would slow down your user-experience during the day; alternatively, the scheduler method means that backups perform on regular intervals, and the bdefaults method doesn’t always (ever) work correctly.

As an aside, I’m also curious whether I would get better throughput offering the timemachine disk as an iSCSI Target

While researching, I also came across a method of limiting TimeMachine from filling the volume

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