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We need a tag to map out advertisement content to improve search compatibility.

Either that, or ads should not be shown to User-Agent = search engine.

The problem is that the search text is tainting the accuracy of the search due to inaccurate actual content. For example, search for “Automator” and “GoToMeeting”, and you’ll find plenty of articles about Apple Automator, but the GoToMeeting content is just ads, it’s not in the usable meat of the page.

If the search engine was able to understand what parts of the page are the advertisements, and remove that from the search, it would improve accuracy of search results. This should also improve SEO for the page, since the affinity of the page to key terms can be more easily gleaned without the distraction of advert-related content that has less to do with the core of the article (for example, GoToMeeting is only barely related to LockerGnome talking about Automator)

So how do we go about doing that?

And how can we do this without reducing the effectiveness of the ads? (disclaimer: I do believe that advert-supported content enriches the web, even if I find it such a nuisance to have 60% of the screen taken up by blinking moving unrelated content)

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