Microsoft Still Impacting Me (Entourage)

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So I burned through three of the latest-greatest Dells last year, and it’s allowed me to use my own Mac and drag my feet about changing away. You’d think I’d be safe, but Microsoft is still able to slow me down.


Let’s talk about implicit lock-in. Yeah, that’s right.. when you use a product across an organizaiton, it can become “the norm”, failures and all. Just as Mac people are surprised at how often Windows people get locked up and have to reboot (admittedly less often in Windows 7), it’s also amazing how companies “need doc”, and “need powerpoint” and now “need docx”. For the same reason, if you cannot read a tnef extension on an email, and accept a calendar invite received in email, you’re toast.

Let’s ignore the fact that calendar entries should be handled by calendar servers, and shouldn’t require your mail client to be open/running just to transfer calendar invites to your calendar — that would be a silly tangent.

So even though I have weeks between reboots, I still need to have Microsoft Entourage running to process calendar entries.

… and when that Entourage sucks up all the core memory and starts swapping like Godzilla (he was known to swap core), the world slows down.

… and when the world slows down, the GUI cannot create a “Force Quit” dialog box to kill the offending RAM-hog.

My reboot time is 3 minutes; my boss on the phone didn’t even realize. (FWIW, is seriously heavy on RAM, and seems to fight with Entourage over MDS)

This should be a lesson to me: don’t leave Entourage running overnight.

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