SBG6580 and Comcast

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When I got my SBG6580 to work with Comcast, there was a bit of a problem, but it was quickly fixed.

As a reminder, the SBG6580 is similar to the SB6120 (I put a quick link if you wanted to find that to see what I’m talking about) but has four ethernet ports, so it’s like mating a small 4-port hub with the SBG6120

Normally, Comcast wants the HFC MAC — mine ends in “A3” — that one can get an IP from Comcast, and they can manipulate the modem directly, but the tech at Comcast indicated there were problems in what he was seeing.

Instead, using the Gateway MAC — mine ends in “A4” — works fine, except that there’s no time service offered, so my modem thinks it’s always 8am. It would increase in time, but Comcast seems to like to reboot my modem.

Also, any time you speak to Comcast, they’re going to cut off your modem. It seems to be what they do. Every time “oh, I just have to make an edit in the config” is what they tell me, then we go through a reboot (second reboot — I do reboot the modem before calling them) and it works fine. Case-in-point: I gave back the pre-SBG6580 modem that comcast rents, and within a minute of the guy accepting the modem, I was punted offline again. Maybe it’s just a reeeeeally big coincidence.

Still no sight of GPL code.

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