Works With IE (URLs)

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A fellow I had a lot of respect shrugged me off on a simple thing: “http:\” … I remarked that it would work better if he used forward-slashes, per RFC-1738 (yes, I actually quoted the number).

“nah, it works with IE, it should be fine” Yes, that was said today.

Firefox fixed it for him. He saw this as proof that it qualifies as a valid URL, despite what the actual rules for a URL says (which he didn’t even care existed, and couldn’t be bothered to check what he was arguing against)

Is it any surprise that compatibility just doesn’t happen online? Seriously? When “liberal acceptance” implies “you can be flakey in what you produce”, might as well toss out RFCs, ISOs, and everybody make up your own way… because the really cool things will be worth everyone spending a lot of time to reverse-engineer a 98% effective compatibility, so it’ll work just fine… until it doesn’t.

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