SBG6580 Sourcecode?

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For enclosed spaces, I’m a big fan of all-in-one devices: they fit inside one smaller footprint, and use a single power connection, and doo all the things I need. I was a big fan of WRTSL54GS for this reason, plus the modifiable sourcecode.

The Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 (damn, Moto, ever hear of shorter URLs?) showed up when I was looking for a Wifi-N/DOCSIS/hub that might fit inside my “Smart Panel” in my closet, and covers all the bulletpoints: DOCSIS-3.0, Wifi-N, 4 ports of 1gb goodness.

SBG6580 doesn’t have a simple way to create persistent VPN/PPTP connections (that I can see), and the SNMP only goes to the “head end” (the cable provider, I would assume). Finally, when it goes to sleep to conserve power, it’s not in any way fast about coming back up. I’m not sure whether it has a mdns stack to help printers work (one of those things they can’t really advertise because Joe Public doesn’t get it, and Moto doesn’t get blamed if the printer doesn’t work)

Despite these issues, I’m looking at repeating this exercise in my buddy’s closet to replace Comcast’s DOCSIS box, plus a WRTSL54GS.

Notable mention: the SBG6580 has a plug/wart/plug rather than a wall-wart, so it’s a bit easier to share the power connection inside the panel. I think I can lash down that power brick so that it gets a bit of heat-space around it. I’d feel better punching holes in the panel for heat-convection, though — count me crazy: it’s only a 1A/12V power connection, so would have trouble creating dangerous levels of heat without triggering its own thermal fuse.

Since the source for SB6120 is available, perhaps SBG6580 will be there too (it seems to be an evolution of the same product: add some ports) … that would give true future-proofing of the device, allowing it to evolve into an Asterisk server, proper VPN tunnels, SNMP that’s usable for end-users (non-head-end), etc.

No far, no SBG6580 (or SB6580) on Motorola’s website, nor at, and every google shows marketing information (nice google-bomb there) but nothing detailed nor usable.

So… where’s the source?

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