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I travel a great deal — 82 of 130 days so far — and I like to share that info.

OK, maybe I don’t like to keep telling people where I am 🙂 I understand it’s interesting to some, and I appreciate the attention and concern people have for me, but it’s easier if I can embed a bunch of rich links, and people can take a look for themselves. I am significantly affected by interruptions, and I also foster independence where I can.

The web has built up in a number of competing paths, like how NYC Subway was as many as four different companies in competition before they merged, leaving more inactive stations than active ones, and a lot of unused tunnels where squatters live.

Some people don’t read travel sites, some use dopplr, some use tripit. I want to offer this information to both so that the person can use whatever they have used thus far. Tripit has a wider understanding of existing travel formats — itineraries and notices and such — but dopplr has some users, so it makes sense to feed dopplr from tripit to leverage tripit’s higher intelligence. Dopplr added ical subscription in 2008 which James Senior nailed, and Jon Udell shared thusly:

Then I realized that Tripit publishes an iCalendar feed, and that Dopplr can subscribe to iCalendar feeds. So I made that connection, and now my Tripit events are showing up in Facebook.

Well, this isn’t working today — consistent 410 errors — but maybe this can be averted with some constructive UserAgent settings. Maybe Tripit became tired of people leveraging its smarter service to feed Dopplr. Need more time to figure this out after I do my Expenses. (ugh) Dopplr does allow a push of a calendar from iCal, which is nice but may require my iCal to start/stop regularly to do the push/update. Hmm. There has to be a way to script that… 🙂

Eventually, either Dopplr, Tripit, or something that these spawn will become the disused stations of the web, but in the meantime, if someone is using that and can hit their shared info rather than call me at 2am in a strange timezone, it gives me more sleep 🙂

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