Hardware Should Defend Itself

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We are surrounded by opportunities to break our gear; if the gear is smart enough, it simply lasts longer.

When I worked at Motorola, as any development and innovative company has, we had a number of tricks and workarounds. One of these was a modified cable used to load firmware like they do to handsets in the factory — a Factory Cable, or FC. In this case, it drew power from the host system.

This cable would toast USB ports, therefore I caused it to get the official name “EFC” or “Evil Factory Cable”

I just realized the hard way that some domestic PCs protect themselves — as they should to as many actions as could possibly damage the system yet remain undetectable to a support guy. In this case, mine just protected itself:

USB Self-Defense

How cool is that? Sure, a Dell is “just as good but cheaper”; often you get what you pay for. Paying a dollar to protect my system from a mistake that I can make, as a technology genius (Genius, I tell you!), that’s a simple choice to make. If only more people would consider their gear over the long-term.

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