Mac OSX to Finisar (shorter)

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In Mac OSX to Finisar I wrote about a more modern-ish way to connect to a Finisar ProbeFCX or Xgig Chassis. By definition, this similar config should work on GCX4000s and Apcons, if you (dear reader) recognize where those are used.

I just made it easier.

Since I live out of a suitcase, this makes my life easier.

I’m using the same process as before (using the evil “screen” tool), the GUC232A, plus a few extra bits, totalling:

Notice how these things are easy to get to? I think a WinTel works in place of the Mac, but mine don’t stay running for long enough.

Anyone from JDSU may say “well, gee, this is fairly basic”, but rather than follow the rules like a mantra, I wanted to do this with easier-to-pack parts that can be replaced or cross-shipped if needed.

This is what works:GUC232A-NullModem-GenderChanger

The trick is that the GUC232A is only 45cm/18inches long, but I can put a standard USB extension on it, route it through a US-4A or bang it on an unused server port anywhere.

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