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despite a slooooow connection to a buildserver (and no, I don’t want to spend another 5 hours to setup a VM, just wanted to get it done), I finally updated my Nagios/LDAP work to a “cvs update” of this weekend which includes v3.2.0. I also edited the deliverable specfile so that the schemas for LDAP are included.

These schema files are the ones I use in actual testing.

Changes: version bumps:

  • bump nagios to 3.2.0

Changes: added items:

  • added dhcp.schema
  • added dnszone.schema
  • added nagios.schema

The build may have a slew of warnings still, I have some cruft in the code just while I was looking for buy-in. I was initilly shot-down, apparently the core config inside Nagios is somewhat hallowed-ground, and it might be wrong to edit that code. Instead, I should try to do it in a plugin, but in the plugin, I would need to completely redefine the existing configuration code — and maintain it in parallel — or I lose the existing configuration.

I want to emphasize: this adds capability, not replace. Without the ldap_server config, Nagios acts like normal. Undefining the build option means Nagios cleanly stops understanding LDAP. Maybe if it’s written here as well, someone will read it.

The build is available here: (20090814 refers to the CVS update date)

Raw sources:

7 Responses to “Nagios-LDAP-3.2.0 Updated”

  1. rb Says:

    do you know if upstream has any intention of including this functionality? I really hate breaking from standard repository packages (Debian in this case) and have yet to set up my own repo.

  2. allanc Says:

    Hi. Upstream acceptance requires user-demand-pull. Bear with me a sec:

    I still have to create a Debian build; I’m sorry, I’ve been traveling ( and spending too much time on checkins, checkouts, of an airlines/air-travel nature than of a CVS/SVN nature 🙂

    Sebastien has been looking into this; as well, I lost the ID of someone else interested in incorporating into his product (my last blogsite died in an embarassing and permanent way).

    Upstream once replied “make it a module”, showing how they didn’t understand how invasive the config has to be to pick up the LDAP portion, while I did not want to mimick the updates to the upstream by copying out the existing code and copying all patches from upstream to the module.

    So… it’s only by user-demand that this can be pulled into upstream. Long response to a short question, but perhaps you skimmed 🙂

  3. rb Says:

    I kinda figured that upstream wouldnt really be too interested. if its not a feature people want, it just adds more code to maintain.

    I’ll keep checking back for a 64bit RPM or .deb (or I’ll just make my own.)

    thanks 😀

  4. allanc Says:

    The thing to consider is that not every user wants every feature that is currently present in the config space. As well, it’s not a significant amount of code to maintain, yet changes in the upstream require little updates all the time. It doesn’t hurt, and in the distributed cases, it’s very useful.

    Finally, when there is a more standardized distribution, it can address a number of other problems that are being resolved by other means. A consistent way to share the same templates and such across 10 servers would be pretty cool.

    I think, though, this patch would need to be addressed to help avoid restarts of the server — that seems to reset some clocks and states. I’ve got some ideas about that, but I’d like to see this fly first.

  5. Monitoraggio di rete con Nagios | Camiciusonline Says:

    […] soluzione è stata implementata da un personaggio che ha un sito dal nome buffo, e che ha provato (a quanto ho capito) a committare il tutto nel master branch, in realtà senza […]

  6. Sébastien Cramatte Says:


    I’ve just made a backport of nagios 3.2 fron debian unstable to debian lenny including allan’s ldap patch …

    stay tunned ! I’m going to test it in depth today 🙂


  7. PerfSys Says:

    Thank you for this patch! Good work!

    for those who need LDAP simple authentication with that solution, take a look at updated patch here:

    Thanks again to author.

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