“Tech on C&P” is where I record some events and thoughts of a technical nature.

Herein, you’ll see comments about the pendantic (date formats, vanity versioning, details) and the broader scope such as ideas of combining technology to see what it enables.

I’m recently looking at Nagios (which I configured from LDAP two years ago) and MySQLfs (which can offer some versatility at the expense of efficiency), but other areas may join. I don’t work in CORBA much any more, not so much XML, arcane packaging formats, or toolchains.

Some friends have no interest in the tech side of things, and it tends to turn them off (dare I say “technophobe”?); for these, I have theThe Unusual blog. If you don’t know me personally, you probably have no reason to check there.

I’m Google-able, and vanity-search quite well.

I had to restart this blog after some lost data, so history starts over…