Skype Wake-On-LAN Control Proxy

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It would be great to command a Skype status message from my meetings.

I get meetings through the day; sometimes, I’m the guy presenting a gotomeeting (which is a great tool), during which times I have to hide the constant stream from the Skype window. The bad part of that is that I cannot see chatter from coworkers… well, that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that when they send me messages, they assume I see them.

How can I remind them that I cannot see the messages? (should I care?)

One idea is to link the showing of my screen to a status that says “I’m ignoring Skype right now”; for which I looked at the Skype API. There’s scant detail, and the easiest (lightest way) seems to be an Applescript remote-executor. An rexec() proxy?

  1. wakes-on-LAN using a UDP to a known port, from which the service starts, and timesout 5 minutes after idle? (this was a standard feature of inetd-run UDP ONC/RPC)
  2. reads UDP-based command with PKI to confirm permissions (ie “here, take this cookie”)
  3. sends the request to Skype (whitelist of accepted commands?) and sends the response back. The response might be too big for UDP out-of-order delivery

The net effect is a few days’ work (OK, a few hours, but try to get that in a single calendar day) I could tell my coworkers that I really am ignoring them. …or I can let them figure it out, because I work with really smart people (they tend to be smart about non-details, no sarcasm here, they really are very smart)

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