The Need for End to End Awareness

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In the past week I’ve had two customers mention how they are lacking / need an “End to End Awareness” for their environment. They both mentioned how their Host and SRM tools are device specific and while great in some respects they failed to provide a comprehensive view of their environment’s performance.

This drew me back to my own days as an end user when all the SMI-S compliant tools that were at my disposal gave me wonderful topologies, capacity planning features and end to end views but failed to provide the ‘awareness’ on performance I craved. Worse still I was often guilty of still zoning and provisioning with the legacy SAN switch management tool or the Storage Array Management Console, despite all the APIs that were running in my heterogeneous environment to give me that ‘single management pane’. The simple reason was despite all the management capabilities, I was concerned that I still needed the legacy tools to get some detailed picture of what impact my changes would have on the environment’s performance. In hindsight even this wasn’t good enough as I was depending on averaged out / polling intervals that gave me metrics which were unable to go the millisecond granularity I needed.

Hence another one of my personal conundrums as a Solutions Consultant for Virtual Instruments: Our solution offers the Awareness of performance that allows you to see every single I/O from HBA to Switch port to LUN that complements the SRM and device specific tools that already exist. We are able to measure every single FC transaction down to the millisecond. So while it’s great that I am now able to explain to customers this unique solution that provides the granular End to End Awareness of performance that I also personally craved, I’m now no longer an end user and hence can’t take advantage of the platform myself!

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