Nagios-LDAP Patch Updated

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I’m updating my LDAP patch for Nagios based on the most-recent release; I’m also doing it as a git repos so that it’s reusable in a more independent way.

First, there are a few non-LDAP-specific changes needed:
1) commit 06d6ca4e7dfc44b1f93dcd836625ec20a1bbc3f1 — use true/false rather than only 0/1 for booleans
2) commit b37f9f5cbc8cc93796ec68d7f7359634eca56ed3 — propagates EPOCH and BROKER build flags through specfile

Next, there are LDAP-specific changes:
1) commit 561f2521aac88244694dcd0ea264acaa3c6796a2 — read in the LDAP-based config as described in

This is all available in git://

I haven’t ported over my test-harness, so it’s fairly unknown code right now. I’m using it, but shifting back to Icinga.

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