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I was creating a dropbox for photo-import, and I found that I could not select iPhoto’s “Auto Import” folder for sharing.

Instead, I found that “creating an alias” (ie a softlink) gave me the solution:

  1. control-click or right-click the “Music” folder, “Show Package Contents” to see inside
  2. Navigate to the “Auto Import” directory
  3. Right-click Auto Import, “Make Alias”, and drag the “Auto Import Alias” to your desktop or home directory
  4. System Properties, “Sharing”, check the “File Sharing” to activate sharing
  5. Click the “+” under the list of shared folders to add a folder, and navigate to your “Auto Import Alias” — but don’t click OK
  6. Clicking a second time on “Auto Import Alias” will turn the filename in the top of the browser to “Auto Import” — click OK now
  7. On the newly-added “Auto Import” item, select “Everyone” in the “Users” column, and make sure “Write Only (dropbox)” is selected in the third column to make sure no one can read your photos before they’re imported

What you’ve done is “follow symlinks” — follow the Alias to its origin — much like a spawning salmon seeks the streamhead where it hatched (yeah, a sex analogy, but it’s not a sex blog!)

Effectively, the “alias” or “softlink” or “symlink” has allowed you to access a folder that MacOSX probably doesn’t intend you to… software guys would say I was exposing a protected/private member function (“exposing”, “member function” — I swear it’s not a sex blog).

Now, you can sit on a remote system and drag-n-drop photos to the import folder. iPhoto will not import then unless it’s running; if it’s not running, then it’ll import on next startup.

NOTE: allowing anyone to drag-n-drop import files to your photos on a portable laptop might be a risky idea. “seriously, officer, that childporn is not mine”.

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