Timeout added to CoreUtils, I Don't Need to Maintain it :)

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I just found that a tool I use often has been added to CoreUtils so now I don’t need to carry my version around.

For years, I’ve used a version of a program called variously “limitedrun” or “timeout” in order to run servers so I can self-test against them. An example is my work on Apache (minimal) and Nagios (lots, especially testing Nagios-LDAP). If the autotest failed, which meant that the script would immediately stop, the service would not be stopped by the cleanup commands, so the shell would not complete, and the self-test would appear to hang.

Instead, I used a limited-run facility to add the logic “well, if you ran for 30 seconds without being shutdown, the test must have failed, so … BLAM snuff it!”… which would allow the self-test to completed and report the failure. A passing self-test would gracefully shutdown the services used.

I think on my work on Nagios, it’s even called “timeout”.

At v7.0-beta, CoreUtils gained timeout, which I haven’t checked for compatibility in featureset (not hard, few features in mine) but now I can use that rather than keep packing mine around (the issue is when I added to it: I had to go and update every project that had a copy, or I needed my custom RPM on every testbox).

Less work for me! More standardized! Colour me happy 🙂

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