NetFlix Outside USA: AppleTV VPN

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Put a VPN on your AppleTV to make it connect from an apparently-USA IP address to get full access to your Netflix subscription.

This is what I said as a solution to the problem of traveling in other countries, taking your new AppleTV with you (let’s not ask why you’d pack that over, say, a helmet, or a SCUBA reg), and accessing the full line of USA Netflix content. This is all with the intention of getting access to the USA content on Netflix (with a proper, USA paid subscription) while traveling.

So I said “put a VPN on your AppleTV, and connect through there to stream content”. This also requires that the system you’re streaming through has sufficient bandwidth to both send and receive a copy of the streamed packets. I would not recommend streaming from a residential gateway on the end of a cablemodem, for example, because of the asymmetric inbalance in upstream/downstream data rates and latencies.

So we’re mostly following the FireCore Newbie Procedure:

  1. Download the latest Pwnage (v4.1.2)
  2. Download a compatible AppleTV version 2 image (v4.1 4M89)
  3. Create a jailbroken image, which should offer ssh access
  4. Use ssh to configure the stripped-down OSX on the AppleTV to connect VPN

This is very much like streaming the UK BBC Player to watch soccer outside the UK — because when you travel, you want/need/must have access to your soccer. Yes, I’m talking about you, Cannoli.

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