What’s On Your Mac?

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I just did a RAM upgrade on a Macbook Pro i5; it was trivial: 10 small screws, the back plate came off, and everything replaceable is immediately accessible.

Now I need to install tools on this new box; what’s on your Mac?

  • (cost) Entourage, MS/Word, MS/Excel: not by choice, and it slows down the Mac whenever they’re running
  • (free) MailDrop to work with SFDC from Mail.App and Entourage
  • (free) Skype with a workplace account
  • (free) Click-to-Flash – to avoid wasting cycles on unnecessary flash-based webcrap
  • (free) Adium (to IM non-work accounts — might not need it)
  • (free) CoRD – for RDC so long as I choose a US language/keyboard
  • (free) GoToMeeting
  • (free) sfCubed – SFDC Sync — might not need
  • (free with…) xCode
  • (free with…) TomTom Home – maintain my PND
  • (free) Visual Hub – might not need on this box
  • (free) VLC
  • (cost) VMWare Fusion (VirtualBox instead?)
  • (free with…) VZAccess Manager
  • (free) iPhone Configuration Utility – to share configs to other users rather than config on their phones

As you can see, everything but the Microsoft stuff and the VMWare is free or comes with the Mac. No Antivirus, the OS is strong enough as it is. Backup is done by the OS.

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