Sneak in an Update, Won't You Microsoft?

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The way I use a computer, it’s very much a “show me what I want, don’t show me what I don’t want”. It’s all about choice, and letting me keep my train of thought without little popups (including “WOW! You have a wifi connection!” and “You’ve configured me not to autoupdate on connections! You have to confirm this for the 10th time today! Right Now! popup popup popup!”)

Installing RDC-2.0.3

(Installing RDC-2.0.3)

Part-and-parcel to this, if I ask for a piece of software, chances are, I want that piece of software. No more, no less.

Installing Remote Display Connection v2.0.3, I suddenly had to quit other Microsoft software because it was forcing an update. You’ll notice above that this is installing Remote Display Connection, it has nothing to do with Entourage.

Surprise hidden update

(Surprise! Hidden update)

… but Aha! You can’t update something secretly if it’s running!

I don’t recall asking for an update. Chances are, I had that software open because I was using it. If I wasn’t, it would not be open. Let’s not force me to stop working just to get more attention, shall we Microsoft? And lets not run updaters or anything else secretly that I didn’t ask for.

I only wanted a Remote Display Connection — nothing more — and only because I’m forced to connect to a Windows server. …because your networking protocol is so bloody weak, I have to use FTP.

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