Freepops-0.2.9 on CentOS-5.3

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I got annoyed by the IMs from Yahoo saying “you have mail” — and it’s junk. Nearly-junk. So I turned off the new-mail warning on my Openfire gateway, found that Freepops was broken and not ported recently, and did a brain-dead port. There were changes needed from the supplied RPM (including a buildsystem that tries hard to fix 1/3 of the portability issues that autotools nails like a carpenter).

The RPM Specfile is still a bit trashed, and you can see I nullified the epoch (never should have been invented)

Installed, configured, and POPping mail from gmail already.

Gmail accepts only a few ports for POP (109, 110, 143, 220, 993, 995, 1110, 2221) so I changed my config from the default port 2000 to 2221:

LP_OPTIONS="-v -d -l /var/log/freepopsd"

Assuming my own server with freepops installed is, and my username on yahoo is [nohide][/nohide], my config in Gmail looks like:

gmail POP config with FreePOPs

gmail POP config with FreePOPs

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