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When I found a basic version of, I used it in all of the projects I autotooled, and anything I created new. I had to make little updates and such for some platforms — for example, different prefixes. I became a maintainer of a built subtool, which is perhaps as effective towards building things as a meta-argument is at resolving the initial discussion (ie not).

Luckily, autoreconf works now. Considerably better, more portable, and I don’t have to maintain it.

40+ requests daily still come in for my script — even though my site lost a disk and was offline for a month. It wasn’t so complex.

For a new project, or a bare SVN or CVS checkout (or the GIT equiv):

autoreconf -vfi or autoreconf --install

Seriously. Try it. When the autotools get updated, autoreconf does as well, so you don’t have to. Plus, if your version is new than another developer, you don’t have to make a portable; rather in the vein of qmake and Imake, the platform would already have the right versions to work with the platform rather than the sourcebase figuring it out.

In this case, I like the platform knowing what works best with the dev tools you already had to install on the platform (it’s a developer-side thing, not a get/build/user side)

So: don’t use I’ve revoked my butt-kicking-great version for this reason.

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