mscgen-0.17 for CentOS

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For some diagrams, I was so happy to find mscgen, a Message Sequence Chart Generator tool that Michael McTernan maintains on his site. It’s designed to act similar to Graphviz, and apparently can be slotted into Doxygen.




  • back out the required autoconf from 2.63 to 2.59 (created $(docdir) problems)
  • version info is in only (specfile imports)
  • specfile in root directory, allowing smooth “rpmbuild -ta mscgen-0.17.tar.gz”
  • add a AC_SEARCH_LIBS to ensure -lgd is in the link line

My deliverable is a bit unclean in that I didn’t bump the release from #1, and left a tainted build source rather than pristine+patch. My bad.

The build is available here:

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  1. Michael McTernan Says:

    Hey cool – glad you it made you happy, and thanks for suggesting the changes to make it autoconf under 2.59.

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