British National ID: Troubled

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I feel left out. I’m a foreign (non-British) national in the UK, can’t I have a flawed national ID card as well?

I commented that the USA already has it, but the National ID that I mentioned is not the same. The USA National ID tends to need optical scanning, including meatware eyeballs, or at least a populace willing to give it out to strangers over the phone. Actually, callers only ask for the last four digits, but that’s all that’s needed to steal my identity, effectively shortening the length/strength of the National ID, but still just as vulnerable.

As opposed to misused Social Security Numbers, the cards given out to foreign nationals have a number of convenience features including a method of carrying data digitally that does not necessary match the face of the card. This means that any carrier of such a card has to offer faith in the flawless accuracy of a bureaucracy in making the digital data match the visible data.

Worse, can the data be read remotely? Can it be written remotely? Can your life be altered by the malice of a stranger in a Tube station with a laptop and a mobile phone tucked away in a backpack?

I wish I had a weak, ill-designed, insecure, unprotected national ID card that could ruin my life. I feel left out.

It’s a good thing 2012 will see all Britons issued this card — based on data collected when they naively apply for a passport — soon they can all share in the fun.

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