XHTML 2/HTML 5 Comic Strip

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Smashing Magazine fielded a nice discussion titled Misunderstanding Markup: XHTML 2/HTML 5 Comic Strip. It is truly the opinionated comments that make an article into a discussion, and this one touched a nerve nearly as raw as the Infamous Emacs/VI war, or the Vista/MacOSX counter-battery fire, or the K&R-used-it-so-it-must-be-right/any-other-coding-style coldwar.

Nice article for the discussion it’s spawned — nice artwork too 🙂

I’m not a web-dev by trade, I’m a details-y geek, I like how I can use “validators” to check that all 27 of my pages render functionally cross-browser. I like that about XHTML. sure, an XML parser is supposed to derail when the doc misses a tag, so close your tags, and maybe you users will use a browser that is as forgiving with XML as it is with HTML.

“strict in your output, but liberal acceptance of your input”

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