One Release Variant

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If you build one style of device — windshield wiper, hose grommet, power system, front-end-loader hydraulic, etc — then it’s easier to support a hundred of those rather than a hundred different designs.

The more variants, the more quality-control you need to do.

If you do all the design and development, then you have more effort, but the same design team makes things act in a consistent manner, user-experience remains homogenous, things look like they belong together. The things you learn in one App transfer over to the other — or design an App User Experience guide that third parties must follow.

Anything that does all of this — their own design/development, one variant to test/release/support — automatically has higher product quality over an equivalent product build by many separate parties for a half-dozen variants.

Plus, it confuses the customers — differing behavior, different choices to make with little or no information. Rather, you might want your customers on your side, your allies, not feeling like they’re getting swindled somehow by a confusing array of choices.

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