MS Update BSODs. Geek Unsurprised

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Although MS Office on Mac might seem like a Square-Peg/Round-Hole issue, it’s not so surprising.

Apple’s Calendar doesn’t automatically accept every meeting invitation that you receive, and I need that behavior for work. I know, I know: in real life, we aren’t the “accept every offer” floozy, and really, I’d want a calendar that accepts from some, pushes back on others, and flatly refuses every meeting that comes in from my coworkers as a conflict (ie: that space is already taken) because they are able to check my corporate calendar.

Also, MS Office was originally written on Apple (1988) and ported to Windows (1990). It’s true! (recall that MS Excel was released for Mac in 1985 when MS/Windows-1.0 had not yet gone gold)

So perhaps I have reason to be bothered, or not, when the MS Office Update HANGs on Mac. I mean, there’s so many OS versions to test (ie 1: there is no such thing as an OSX:Home Edition or OSX: Professional Edition). How hard can it be?

MS Office-12.1.0 (AKA 2008-SP1) Hang

(yes, it’s been hanging at ~1% done for over an hour)

Mind you, I can see making your competitors to your OS product look bad by a shoddy release of your office product that people only use for the Calendaring and the Blackberry monopoly). Microsoft might do better to catch up to OSX than play these silly games.

If I cannot stop this updater, I may have to reboot before the end of the year now. OK, it’s actually 6 times a year: I reboot when the Security updates require it (That’s 1 reboot for every 136 reboots of the Dell)

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