MySQLfs: 0.4.0 ETA 2009-07-15

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I’ve been working on MySQLfs as a replacement for the decade or so of meandering work into the SantaSack. Currently, in this release-candidate that’s been waiting as a version X.Y.Z-rcA-preB-alpha-mchammer for quite a while. (OK, that’s not the version, but nearly)

In order to close a few bugs, address a feature-request, and get this ready for a release 0.4.0 (ie 0.4), I added code documentation (my benefit), regression-testing (including start/stop the daemon), and a few tests to confirm proper behavior.

The idea behind SantaSack was to toss things at a storage device, and have it figure out how it should be found. OK, I know that’s vague, but it’s a response to the ever-increasing size of storage and the “hoarding” that we’re doing more and more on that massive storage. For that reason, I’m going with plugins post-0.4.

While I’m working, I push the Doxygen docs out to Sourceforge:

The simplified version is available for download:

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